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DA Series
Features include: Ductile Rod Clevis; Base Clevis; Cylinder Head Casting & Piston; Ground and Polished Chrome Plated Rods; High Tensile Steel Tie Rods; NPTF Dryseal Pipe Thread Ports; Maximum Working Pressure - 2500 PSI. An infinite number of stroke sizes are available. Bore sizes - 1 1/2" to 5".

DA-ASAE Series
DA-ASAE tie rod hydraulic cylinders are designed for use where ASAE 8" and 16" stroke cylinder applications are required. Maximum working pressure - 2500 PSI. Bore sizes - 2" to 5".

DAC Series
Standard features of the DAC Series tie rod hydraulic cylinder are identical to the DA Series except they include a mechanical depth stop. The adjustable depth control collar has a 2 1/4" adjustment. Maximum working pressure - 2500 PSI. This cylinder is designed for use where an 8" stroke ASAE mechanical depth control cylinder is required. Bore sizes - 2" to 4".

DHR Series
DHR cylinders are manufactured with an internal bypass for automatic rephasing in a series. They may be used as master or slave units. Bore sizes - 3" to 5".

DAH Series
DAH Series cylinders are designed and manufactured for 3000 PSI operating pressure. Bore sizes 2" to 5".